When you’re working out with the goal of losing weight, burning fat, and building muscle, it’s important to include protein into that equation. Your muscles need to be fed after you workout and sometimes it’s not always easy to make a full meal with protein because of your busy schedule. My days seem like they just fly by because of my hectic lifestyle of my career, having a family and traveling! 

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Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to consume your essential amount of protein. I usually drink 2-3 protein shakes throughout the day in between meals. 1st after my morning workout, then mid day and early evening.


A lot of protein shakes don’t taste that great because of the chalky texture and artificial flavors but with my favorite protein powder from Ideal Raw that’s definitely not the case! I absolutely love the smoothness and flavor along with the fact that it also has superfoods and it’s VEGAN!! I’ve never tasted a yummier protein powder and I’ve tried A LOT of different brands. You can mix it in a blender or shake it up in a shaker cup with your choice of milk, juice or water. Either way it’s not lumpy and tastes great! Also perfect for the whole family. My hubby and 4 year old daughter LOVE it! It’s also safe to drink while pregnant and breastfeeding. Another reason why I’m a huge fan of Ideal Raw 😊


I wanted to share with you some of my favorite protein shake recipes that I’ve created to help get me through the week. 


Hopefully you love them as much as I do!


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Strawberry and cream (635 calories)



•6 strawberries (24 calories)

•1 scoop of Ideal Raw superberry protein (140 calories)(Add extra scoop for more muscle mass 140 calories per scoop)

•1 cup Cashew milk (120 calories per cup)

•Handful of Spinach (15 calories)

•2 tbs of overnight oats

• 1 tbs of chic seeds



Like Money (314 calories)


•Handful of spinach (15 calories)

•Handful of kale (8 calories)

•15 drops of liquid Chlorophyll 

•2 medium slices of avocado (120 calories)

•1 cup of orange juice (111 calories)

•1 cup of water

•4 chunks of pineapple (60 calories)




Superhero Shake (462 calories)



Handful of blueberries (42 calories)

•5 cashews (unsalted) (42 calories)

•5 almonds (unsalted) (40 calories)

•3 cherry tomatoes (9 calories)

•Handful of spinach (15 calories)

•4 asparagus tips (12 calories)

•Strawberries (20 calories)

•Avocado (100 calories)

•Mushrooms (6 calories)

•Kiwi (42 calories)

•3-4 Baby carrots (12-14 calories)

•1 scoop of Ideal Raw vanilla protein (120 calories) (Add extra scoop of protein for extra muscle mass)

•Your choose of plant base milk or juice or water


Reese’s PB Shake (465 calories)



•1 Tsp of natural peanut butter (180 calories)

•Scoop of Ideal Raw peanut butter chocolate protein (130 calories)

•1 cup of vanilla almond milk (or your chose of plant based milk) (140 calories)

•Handful of baby kale (8 calories)

•Swiss chard (7 calories)



Grandma’s Brownie Batter (credit to hubby) (498 calories)



•1 scoop of Ideal Raw chocolate protein (130 calories)

•1 -1/2 chocolate almond (or cashew milk) (150 calories)

•Handful of baby kale (8 calories)

•4 strawberries (20 calories)

•Banana (105 calories)

•Handful of spinach (15 calories)

•1 Tbs of chic seeds (70 calories)



Oatmeal raisin cookie (381 calories)



•3 Tbs Raw oats or over night oats 

•A dash of cinnamon (1 calorie)

•A dash of nutmeg (3 calories)

•Handful of raisins (130 calories)

•Handful of cashews (160 calories)

•Handful of baby kale (8 calories)

•1 Tbs of chic seeds (70 calories)


Plain Jane (514 calories)



•Handful of almond (162 calories)

•Handful of cashews (160 calories)

•1 Tbsp of chic seeds (70 calories)

•1 Tbsp of flax seeds (50 calories)

•1 cup of 100% real apple juice (72 calories)

•1/2 cup of water



Probiotics (351 calories)



•1/4 cup of Greek yogurt (or plant base alternative) (130 calories)

•1 cup of orange juice (111 calories)

•1/2 cup of water

•1 Tbsp of flax seeds (50 calories)

•4 chunks of pineapples (60 calories)



KP’s Butter (392 calories)



•2 Tbsp of all natural peanut butter (63 calories)

•1 Tbsp of over night steel cut oats

•1 Cup of chocolate almond milk (100 calories)

•1 banana (105 calories)

•1 scoop of vanilla plant based protein (120 calories)

•Dash of cinnamon (1 calorie)

•Dash of nutmeg (3 calories)


Something Tropical (No protein) (238 calories)



•1/2 Apple (47 calories)

•2 to 4 kiwi slices (add more to taste) (40 calories)

•1 orange (45 calories)

•2 watermelon chunks (42 calories)

•1 Tbsp of honey (64 calories)

•1/2 cup of water 




Candy Apple

(No protein) (255 calories)




•4 large slices of apple (40 calories)

•Handful of praline almonds (170 calories)

•1/2 cup vanilla almond milk (75 calories) 


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