Dance TABATA 3 CHALLENGE - Starts Nov. 5th

Dance TABATA 3 CHALLENGE - Starts Nov. 5th

Dance Tabata 3 challenge is now available for sign ups. If you've done our Dance Tabata 1, 2 and reloaded fitness challenges then you know you're in for a TREAT! 25 days focusing on fun dance Tabata combos that will not only teach you some cool moves but also tone and sculpt abs and lift the booty while helping to build your stamina and endurance to catchy music from a LIVE DJ! You will have a weekly calendar with your daily workouts in your challenge dashboard located in

- Workouts are pre recorded so you can do them at your convenience 

- The challenge starts November 5th and is available until November. 30th


You can now purchase here and have the choice of using our buy now pay later option with Klarna. 


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