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Walk It Out is a Hiphop walking series with banging beats and fun walking grooves. Perfect for beginners. These walks will get you moving, burning calories and feeling the rhythm at the same time! You’ll reach thousands of steps before you know it! Keaira LaShae makes working out so much fun! It feels like you’re taking a walk through the club with your friends! Join Keaira LaShae and get ready to WALK IT OUT!

Move and groove to catchy music with these LOW IMPACT, HIGH ENERGY calorie burning walking workouts for ALL levels. 

3 awesome walking workouts include:

30 min. walk

20 min. walk

10 min. walk

Once you purchase, you will receive an email from SendOwl right away with a clickable link leading you to stream or download this amazing, calorie burning good time! 


  • All android/windows users please use this link to help you download/stream your digital purchases once you receive your order link


Please make sure to have good wifi signal when streaming this workout.


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