BANDS BANDS BANDS If You Can Move Fitness Challenge

BANDS BANDS BANDS If You Can Move Fitness Challenge


Get ready to experience the most FUN way to get in shape with resistance bands and booty bands! Are you ready to MOVE your body and take your fitness experience to the NEXT LEVEL? BANDS BANDS BANDS Challenge in our If You Can Move fitness app is the way to go! 

BANDS, BANDS, BAND challenge is all about sculpting your body like never before with dance fitness, step aerobics, and toning incorporating resistance bands and booty bands. The dance fitness queen herself, Keaira LaShae, Fred, KP and the fam are bringing the HEAT with fun, unique moves to great music curated by our live DJ! 25 days of calorie burning and toning that will give you maximum results when you put in the WERK! It's NEVER TOO LATE to start your fitness journey of looking and feeling our best. 

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