The BEST Tasting Vegan Proteins.. PERIOD!!

The BEST Tasting Vegan Proteins.. PERIOD!!
When you’re working out with the goal of losing weight, burning fat, and building muscle, it’s important to include protein into that equation. Your muscles need to be fed after you workout and sometimes it’s not always easy to make a full meal with protein because of your busy schedule. My days seem like they just fly by because of my hectic lifestyle of my career, having a family and traveling! 


Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to consume your essential amount of protein. I usually drink 2-3 protein shakes throughout the day in between meals. 1st after my morning workout, then mid day and early evening.


A lot of protein shakes don’t taste that great because of the chalky texture and artificial flavors but with my favorite protein powder from our Just MOVE supplement line that’s definitely not the case! I absolutely love the smoothness and flavor along with the fact that it also has superfoods and it’s VEGAN!! I’ve never tasted a yummier protein powder and I’ve tried A LOT of different brands. You can mix it in a blender or shake it up in a shaker cup with your choice of milk, juice or water. Either way it’s not lumpy and tastes great! Also perfect for the whole family. My hubby and daughters LOVE it! It’s also safe to drink while pregnant and breastfeeding.  😊 



  • Deanna Fuchs

    Just ordered the chocolate cake protein and let me just tell you I was literally dancing around in my kitchen because it tastes so good! I let my two girls have some they are 2 and 6 and they couldn’t even get enough of it that’s how you know it’s the real deal because you know kids will never lie about how something tastes! Lol they always ask me if they can have some. For people woundering , it literally tastes exactly like what it says, so if you’re getting the chocolate cake it literally taste like chocolate cake! I’m a huge chocolate lover so I will probably buy like two more of these! So don’t even hesitate go and buy yours now ! and I’m telling you you will not
    be sorry! Keaira and her family put out nothing but top-quality stuff they are amazing! hands down probably the best entrepreneurs I have ever known! I have bought a lot of her products and I have always been satisfied!

  • Shanie Barnes

    Will you do a Natural Vanilla Bean flavor. I’ve seen Vanilla, but nobody has done Natural Vanilla Bean, distict difference in taste.

  • Mickey F

    OOOOMMMMMMMGGGGG!!!! No shade but I thought another vegan shake that is going to taste like the bottom of a converse) I have NEVER been more WRONG in my life!!! I have been wanting some banana pudding in the worst way….and now the wait is OVER!!!

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