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It's so hard to find tasty vegan recipes with flavor especially if you're new to Veganism or you just want to try out meatless and dairy free recipes. Well, look no further because this ebook has AMAZING recipes from breakfast to lunch, dinner all the way to dessert! Mouth watering savory vegan salisbury steak with homemade gravy, creamy Mac n cheese, fluffy buttermilk pancakes with syrup made from scratch, lasagna, pizza, milkshakes and much more! This ebook is a vegan take on all of my family and my favorite meals from childhood to before I became vegan. I grew up in the south eating my grandmother's home cooked meals, so it's ALL about the taste! No boring recipes here and what makes it even better, is that it's KID and GRANDMA APPROVED!! This is also something you could share with people in your life that think vegans eat just lettuce. That's definitely the furthest thing from the truth! 

A fun little experiment that I love to try is when my non vegan family comes over for dinner, everything I cook is vegan but they don't know it until I tell them which is AFTER they lick their plates clean! It's always hilarious seeing their reaction when I tell them that there are absolutely no animal products in their food. It's like they can't believe plant based foods could have SO MUCH FLAVOR!

Funny story about the time I filmed an episode of WIFE SWAP, not sure if you've ever seen it but it's a show where they have you trade lives with another wife that's the complete opposite for a week! You live as each other and follow each other's rules while you're with the other wife's family. It was CRAZY but so fun! I got a chance to open the minds of a family that didn't believe in eating vegetables or drinking water AT ALL, much less eating vegan food. The husband was a biker named TOMBSTONE and they had an 11 year old son that was used to eating frozen fish sticks from the microwave, so you can imagine my hesitation towards introducing this family to a plant based lifestyle but I knew how tasty my food was and I also knew that if they were willing to give it a try that they would LOVE IT! And I was right!!! Whew.. talk about relieved.. They actually said it was the best food they'd ever had. The meal that I cooked for them was one of my favorites.. Salisbury steak, garlic buttered mash potatoes with homemade mushroom gravy, creamy Mac n cheese, and savory strings. Sooo yummy, Tombstone even asked for the recipe so he could cook it for his wife when she returned home. Not to mention, the son had 3 plates of it. They even do vegan nights 2 to 3 times a week now! That's what I call a WIN! 

I definitely recommend this recipe ebook to vegans and non vegans alike! It'll kick those tastebuds into high gear and prove that VEGANS DON'T EAT JUST LETTUCE!


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